Looking back … and looking ahead

Fifteen years ago, I co-founded CustomScoop to provide a better media monitoring service. My partners and I were tired of the old-fashioned paper clipping services that would mail news stories sliced from hard copy newspapers every couple of weeks. It was slow, it was expensive, and it was impossible to budget for accurately.

CustomScoop started out by giving clients access to the web versions of newspapers and magazines. In 2000, many publications weren’t completely online, but there was enough content that anyone who wanted affordable, timely, and accurate news clippings was inclined to use a service like CustomScoop.

Over the years, we have grown in size – more publications, more staff, and more clients. We have also added social media content, robust analytical tools, and human analysis.

The past decade and a half has been a great ride for me, and we have accomplished far more than I would have imagined when I started the company out of a spare bedroom in my apartment in Concord, New Hampshire in the summer of 2000.

It’s therefore with considerable pride (coupled with a wisp of nostalgia) that I’m able to announce that we have sold CustomScoop. It wasn’t an easy decision since it’s like letting go of one of your children, but I know that the company is in good hands.Read More

Investing in complementary or competing businesses

I often have something on the television in the background while I'm working. It's a habit I developed working on Capitol Hill 25 years ago when we always had either the House floor proceedings or CNN on the TV's near our desks. Yesterday, I … Read More