The meaning of Google’s Alphabet play

With news late yesterday that Google would create a parent company for itself, financial and tech pundits started churning their gears to figure out what it all means. Was the establishment of Alphabet merely a way to retain the services of rising star Sundar Pichai who snagged the title of CEO for the new Google […]

Looking back … and looking ahead

Fifteen years ago, I co-founded CustomScoop to provide a better media monitoring service. My partners and I were tired of the old-fashioned paper clipping services that would mail news stories sliced from hard copy newspapers every couple of weeks. It was slow, it was expensive, and it was impossible to budget for accurately. CustomScoop started […]

New York Times calls out anti-Uber arguments but still backs government intervention

With all of the controversy surrounding Uber these days — especially as it relates to government oversight — it was good to see the New York Times Editorial Board take a skeptical view of one of the city’s key anti-Uber arguments. Unfortunately, that good feeling was short-lived as the paper ended up advocating a tax-driven […]

Henri Termeer isn’t on LinkedIn. Neither are many other influential people.

LinkedIn provides a valuable platform for individuals to build and nourish professional relationships. I was an early adopter of the service and regularly recommend it to recent graduates as a useful tool to help build their careers. But it’s far from perfect. Although it can help users to surface information about professional connections within their networks, there […]

Tech startups go from political darlings to political punching bags

High-tech entrepreneurs suddenly find themselves in an unusual position: the political crosshairs. Candidates usually scramble to align themselves with innovators and job creators — often falling over each other to do so. Over the past two decades, Washington has turned to Silicon Valley for answers and talent. Tech gurus have truly been the darling of […]