Content Marketing Hand-Wringing

There seems to be a lot of angst about content marketing these days. Perhaps its a reaction to the term itself (Christopher Penn points out that use of the phrase seems to have peaked). Or maybe it is a lack of innovation and meaningful use of metrics, as Gini Dietrich laments. Or might it be […]

Measure What Matters

In communications and in business, too many people get hung up on measuring for the sake of measuring. Just because you can generate all sorts of metrics with impressive numbers and charts doesn’t mean that what you’re looking at will really make a difference in your ultimate success. I tackle one specific element of this […]

Surfing Back in Time

I had a conversation yesterday that spurred me to think back to the “old days” of the World Wide Web. You see, I’ve been at this game long enough to remember Yahoo before it was at Most of you probably don’t know that it used to live at In any case, I took […]

10 Causes of Sloppy Email

I get a lot of email. And a lot of that email reflects pretty poorly on the sender. Some of the emails I receive wouldn’t even make the cut as amateur ransom notes. They are often laden with misspellings or typos. Frequently they fail to make a succinct point. They routinely seem to be disorganized […]

How “Energy Efficient” is Your Marketing Campaign?

While listening to the latest episode of FIR Live over the weekend, the concept of “energy efficiency” of marketing and communications campaigns came to mind. No, I’m not talking about how “green” the effort is. This isn’t about recycled paper or carbon emissions. I’m thinking more like the energy efficiency of a furnace. Is 95% […]