New FOIA initiative could create opportunity for data miners

We learned this week that the federal government will be trying a new approach to information sharing. A handful of government agencies will be releasing the results of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests not just to the person who requested them, but publicly on their websites as well. The policy has been dubbed “release to […]

The Interplay Between Content, Sales, and Marketing

Two of my New England social media friends had a bit of a debate about content marketing yesterday. Chris Brogan strongly argued that your writing needs to contain an “ask” to be marketing and CC Chapman just as forcefully disagreed. First, let’s take a look at the actual argument. Then we can explore the more fundamental […]

When Media Focuses on Advertisers, the Audience Loses

As media outlets scramble to find workable revenue models, they often focus on advertisers and lose sight of the consumers. Ultimately, a strong audience helps generate income, so that’s a mistake An old friend of mine wrote on Facebook this morning about a minor New England snow event overnight: That wasn’t so much of a […]

As Media Expand, So Do Opportunities for Businesses

On Oct. 9, 1986, the Fox Network launched, with 88 affiliates across the country. At the time, most experts ridiculed the notion that a fourth network could challenge the dominance of the Big Three. No doubt executives at NBC, CBS, and ABC found themselves snickering, too. When Fox took to the airwaves with its first […]

Surfing Back in Time

I had a conversation yesterday that spurred me to think back to the “old days” of the World Wide Web. You see, I’ve been at this game long enough to remember Yahoo before it was at Most of you probably don’t know that it used to live at In any case, I took […]